Leduc Golf Adds Video Flyovers to Their Online Scorecard

Leduc Golf Adds Video Flyovers to Their Online Scorecard

New Technology To Improve Your Score

Leduc Golf Club with water hazard

The Problem With Old School Score Cards

(LGC) There is nothing more frustrating for the serious golfer than to go to a new course and lose dozens of balls and gain dozens of strokes because they have no idea what awaits them down the fairway. The hole could be obscured by a hill, a copse of trees or a dog-leg left that makes it impossible to know where you should be trying to hit the ball. Sure, most cardboard scorecards help a bit; they do indicate where water hazards and bunkers await but it is strictly two-dimensional. It cannot advise where the hills are, where the best lie might be or what impediments to your personal golf greatness are hidden from you. If only there was a video flyover of each hole to access on your smart-phone to help you achieve your personal best just like they have on golfing video games.


Leduc Golf Embraces the Future of the Game



At Leduc Golf Club we know how important having the best round possible is for you. This is why we have invested greatly in a video flyover of our carefully manicured links to provide you with the most foreknowledge possible of the challenges each hole presents. Check out our informative online scorecard viewable here to get a wealth of knowledge about every hole. Besides yardage information for each colour of tee-box, the men’s and ladies’ handicaps and pars which most scorecards do, Leduc Golf’s online card has so much more.

Preview Obstacles Before They Become Par Killers

By clicking on the innovative “video” link for each hole on the online scorecard, golfers new to the course can see exactly what every fairway looks like before they tee off. What an advantage to have this opportunity to trim strokes off your game. Knowing where the ideal landing spot is for your drive is critical for helping you shoot your best round ever.


Get A Free Virtual Caddy from a Single Click


Besides distance and handicap information and the terrific new video flyover already mentioned, each hole listed on the virtual card also features pointers from the Leduc pros about the best way to play every fairway. These pointers include a general description of the hole, as well as advice about each fairway’s unique features, layout and hazards, to maximize all of your shots. The card also indicates the slope and rating of the hole, broken down by gender to give players insight into the relative difficulty of each one. For a more in-depth look at slope and rating figures and how they are arrived at, please click here. (golftips.golfsmith.com/rating-slope-mean-golf-2468.html)


Never Shoot Blind Again

Come out this year to the Leduc Golf Club to experience for yourself the advantages that our new video flyovers can make in your game. We guarantee it will be a real eye-opener!

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