LLGA Handicapping

Does the word handicap give you the shanks?

For many female golfers, the idea of getting a handicap established is very intimidating. However, the process is very easy and can open doors for playing in competitions for your club. A handicap can be established by first registering at our club through your LLGA, then each time you play a round of 9 or 18 you can enter your score online at the Golf Canada website. www.golfcanada.ca After you have entered ten rounds your handicap will be tabulated and adjusted every time you enter a score thereafter.

Why would I want to do this?

As a member of the Edmonton Golf Association (EGA), the LLGA encourages our members to compete in various events such as the Marshall/Podersky Cups, visitation days, Ladies Amateur and Senior Ladies Amateur. All of these events require an established handicap to participate.

I'm not a competitive or very good player.

Handicaps are not solely for competitive players. As we all know, we tend to play golf more against ourselves than against anyone else. Tracking your handicap really lets you know the strong parts of your game, as well as the areas that could use some work.

In addition, if you decide to play in one of the above mentioned competitions, having a handicap levels the playing field for golfers of all levels. If you are a high handicapper playing a lower handicapped golfer, you will be given a reprieve on very hard holes. Conversely, if you are a low handicapper playing a higher handicapped golfer, you will be expected to bring your best game because there will be no breaks for you.

If you have any questions, please bring them to the Spring Registration Evening.

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