• MARSHALL - Brenda Delfs -

  • PODERSKY - Cindy Smith -

Every year at the spring meeting of the Leduc Ladies Golf Association, there is opportunity for players to sign up for the Marshall Cup and the Podersky Cup.  We thought it might be helpful to send out a little information in advance of the meeting so that you have time to consider your participation and make sure that you have a registered handicap with recently posted scores. 

 Marshall Cup

The Marshall Cup is a match play interclub tournament that takes place over three Mondays and one Sunday in May and June.  This year there are 17 clubs, both private and public in the greater Edmonton area participating in the Marshall Cup.  For 2019, the dates of play are Monday, May 13; Monday, May27; Sunday, June 9; and Monday, June 24.  On each of those dates each club presents two teams of four players.  Two A team players (those with lower handicaps) play at home and two go to play at another club. Two B team players (those with higher handicaps) play at home and two go away.  Although the spirit of the Marshall Cup is friendly competition, players should be familiar with and adhere to the RCGA rules of play.

 Podersky Cup

The Podersky Cup is played as a 2-ball foursome, a match in which a team of two plays another team of two, each side playing one ball with alternate shots.  For 2019, the dates of play are on Thursdays, May23 and June 6, 20, and 27.  On each of those dates, each club presents four teams of two players with two teams playing at home and two teams playing at another participating club.

 The Marshall and Podersky  are great opportunities to experience friendly competition. You may get to play other courses in the area that you have never experienced as well as hosting visiting ladies from other courses, introducing them to our great course. 

If you are interested in participating this year there will be signup sheets at the Spring Meeting/League Registration Night on April 24/19 at 7 pm.  If you are not able to attend the meeting you can let us know you are interested by contacting either Brenda or Cindy (contact info at the end of this memo).

Please note:  In order to participate in either the Marshall or Podersky you must have a current registered handicap with Golf Canada with recent scores posted.  If this is new to you, have a look at the Golf Canada website. You can register on line and thereafter, post scores on line.  There is a fee for registering but rather than paying online, go to see Cathy in the office at the golf course and she can save you some money on registration fees.  Although some people find this a little intimidating, it is actually quite simple and we would be happy to help you with the process if you are having problems.

 If you sign up for either the Marshall or Podersky or both, every effort is made to have you play in at least one match, either at home or away.  However, depending on the number of players who sign up, the dates they are available, their handicap, etc. there is no guarantee  - you may get one match, two matches or none at all. 

 If you have any questions or need further clarification please feel free to contact one of our two Club Chairs as noted above.


We hope to see you at our Spring Meeting on April 24 @ 7 pm.