Membership Information


Become a Member and Benefit


  • Exclusive access to weekend morning tee times
  • Book weekday tee times one week in advance
  • Club tournaments and events
  • Weekly league play
  • Club storage available
  • Lockers available
  • Low yearly fees
  • Driving range included
  • Use of computer for handicapping
  • Voice and say in the operations and planning of the course

Does the shareholder have Any Obligations?

Yes. Club policy mandates that the shareholder do one of the following every year:

  • Activate the share yourself
  • Have someone activate your share
  • Turn the share back into the Club with no remuneration paid
  • Sell the share yourself
  • A shareholder can go 'non-active' for a two-year period, keeping their share in good standing, and pay a nominal fee of $250 per year (plus GST).

Call OUR ADMIN OFFICES at 780-986-8009 to activate your membership!

Membership Promotion 2017

(Prices do not include GST)

2017 Share Special includes yearly range access

  Regular Purchase 2017 Share Special
Share $750 $750
Transfer Fee $250 $250
Annual Player Fees $2,500 $1,800
GST $175 $140
Total Cost $3,675 $2,950
  You Save: $725

2017 Corporate Share Special

The Leduc Golf & Country Club has a very unique corporate share structure. With the purchase of a corporate share, the company receives a booklet of 60 passes. Each pass can be used for one 18-hole round or two 9-hole rounds. These passes can be given to any person that the company wishes, and the bearer of these passes has the same booking privileges as a regular shareholder. The company may also purchase up to 4 handicap cards for those individuals that wish to maintain a handicap in the RCGA handicap system. Once the share and related fees have been paid, the company then only pays the yearly corporate dues in subsequent years. It must be a company that purchases a corporate share. In addition, any bearer of a corporate golf pass will have access to the driving range prior to their round of golf.

  Regular Purchase 2017 Share Special
Share $1,000 $1,000
Transfer Fee $250 $250
Annual Player Fees $2,975 $2100
Taxes $211.25 $167.50
Total Cost $4,436.25 $3,517.50
  You save: $918.75

For more information, please contact our offices at 780-986-8009. Please note that shareholder must keep their shares every year.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE - please call our office 780-986-8009 for more information

Category Price+
Seven Day Shareholder $2,500
Seven Day Shareholder Spouse $1,950
Five Day Shareholder $1,950
Five Day Shareholder Spouse $1,950
Corporate - 40 Passes $2,100
Corporate - 50 Passes $2,550
Corporate - 60 Passes $2,975
Junior 1 (11-14 yrs) GST Exempt $450
Junior 2 (15-16 yrs) $450
Junior 3 (17-18 yrs) $675
Intermediate 1 (19-25) Son or Daughter of Shareholder* $1,100
Intermediate 2 (19-25 yrs) $1,550
Intermediate 3 (26-30 yrs) $2000
Power Cart - 60 Rounds $1,350
Power Cart - 30 Rounds $775
Power Cart - 20 Rounds $600
Full Locker $25

*The 19-25 intermediate category rate applies to those who are immediate family of shareholders and are attending school

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