Notice to the Leduc Golf Club Membership

Our scorecard is changing


We will be adding two sets of COMBO TEES which have been rated by the Alberta Golf Association in an effort to increase our playability.  These tees are as follows:


Men Blue/White Combo 69.7/124             6196 yards

Men White/Gold Combo 67.4/119            5682 yards

Ladies White/Gold Combo 72.8/128         5682 yards


The White tees have also been rated for Ladies play – 75.1/132   6080 yards


Additionally, due to the assignment of our stroke holes not being in good keeping with RCGA recommended procedure we will be changing these assignments for the 2018 season.  I will provide an explanation of the steps taken and why the RCGA recommends it done this way.


Important notes:

The basic principle of allocating handicap strokes is to equalize the abilities of players at different handicap levels.

Difficulty in making par on a hole is not an effective indicator of the need for a stroke.

A stroke should be given to result in a halve, not a win.


This means that the hole with Hdcp 1 is not “the hardest” hole on the golf course as people generally think.  For example, Hole 2 on our golf course is much harder for someone who predominantly misses to the Right than someone who misses to the left.  “Hard” is a relative term.


The proper way to allocate strokes properly is to take 200 scores from a low handicap pool and 200 scores from a high handicap pool, calculate these numbers down to a hole by hole scoring average, determine the stroke differential between the two pools, and the highest differential is where the strokes are immediately allocated.  Example: If the scoring average for the low handicaps on Hole 9 is 4.5 and high handicaps is 5.6, the hole differential is 1.1.  To give you a reference the hole difference between score averages on hole 7 is only 0.87 because both high handicappers and low handicappers bogey the hole.


The new scorecard is as follows:

**this is for information only (yardages/handicaps) the aesthetics of the scorecard will be different for the start of the 2018 season




We are happy to carry out the same analysis and adjustments for the Ladies stroke holes, all we need are the scores.  We will have a designated box outside of the office for scorecards from either Members or Ladies League Members – if you wouldn’t mind dropping them there after your rounds, we should have enough data by the end of the year to carry out the same analysis next winter.


If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to email me or pop into the office to discuss these changes.  My door is always open.


Thank you

James Whitton
General Manager & Head Professional
Leduc Golf Club